Sinéad Bevan Makeup

Working with Otto Creative has been an entirely joyful process from start to finish. I required two logos for two completely different enterprises that required individual senses of style and branding. I'm very busy and only knew generally what I wanted, but didn't have the time or headspace to work out precisely what that looked like. Emilie sensed that and listened intently to my wishes for as long as I could spare. She then took the tasks away and, with great initiative, expanded the creative possibilities of my logos. She checked in regularly to tweak and was open to every change I wanted to test out. Communication with Emilie was very easy, clear and open. The results are really dynamic, show a sense of fun and play, and are perfectly aligned to the two separate enterprises they were designed for. I recommend Otto Creative to everyone I know. I wouldn't work with anyone else.

Sinéad - Owner