6 Free stock image sites to bookmark ASAP

6 FREE Stock image sites to bookmark ASAP

Great sites where you can find FREE stock images to use for your business, websites, social media ETC. Cut through the clutter and make the most of amazing free images that are available. All sites Graphic Designer tried, tested and approved.

My top 6 sites are . . .

#6 Burst by Shopify

This site caught me off guard, blown away at the quality and variety of these images. Shopify is an E Commerce platform, if you are not already familiar. Photos are great for perfect and promoting products. Photo packs come into your inbox weekly.


#5 Life of Pix

The home of epic, cinematographic photography. Unique point of difference - You can search by photographer. Advanced search capabilities, which are great if you are looking for something specific.


#4 Stocksnap.io

This site has a trending photo quick search, which makes it very convenient to find imagery for a special occasion like Christmas, Easter or Mother's day. This collection has loads of variety and the site is easy to navigate.


#3 Negative Space

Massive collection - broken down into categories.
This site obviously makes its money from advertising, so watch where you click. If you are in a niche industry go straight here, awesome selection of foodie images.


#2 Pexels
HUGE variety, slight cheese appeal ( a tasteful amount). Great if you are trying to appeal to wide or mature audiences. This site is number two for me because if I can’t find an image on my favourite site, I’ll go here and usually find something close to what I’m looking for.


#1 - Unsplash
This site is so beautifully curated. If I am after an authentic stock image solution this is my first destination. Divided into both individual snapshots and albums to help find what you are looking for. Albums are curated by fellow designers and photographers. This is hands down the best non-stocky photo site around.

Any other sites you swear by? Let me know, I’d love to check them out.

Note on stock images, if you are looking for a stock image to use for your business. Remember they are a free resource that ANYONE can use. Take the time to make them unique to your business, by adding elements or changing colours.
Make sure to always double check the license to cover your butt!
Chat soon,