Social Media image sizes 2019

Time saver for anyone who creates their own social media images and everything you need to know to brand yourself online. Simple break down of all major social media platforms and respective image dimensions, with some designer hacks along the way.

Scroll the the bottom for a free printable cheat sheet.

Profile pictures:

Instagram - 110px  x 110 px

Facebook -  1080px x 1080px

Twitter - 400px x 400px

Pinterest - 165px x 165px

Linkedin - 300px x 300px

Designer hack: Making a profile picture of 1080px X 1080px and another of 500px x 500px should cover all of your profiles.

Designer tip: Most profile pictures are circle, anything in the corners of your profile image will be lost and cut off.

Cover images:

Facebook (Events) -  1920px wide x 1080px tall

Facebook (Page cover image) -  820px wide x 360px tall (don't place anything within 90px of the left and right, it will be cut off on mobile.)

Twitter - 1500px wide x 500px tall

Linkedin Personal - 1584px wide x 396px tall

Linkedin Business page - 1536px wide x 768px tall

Designer hack: Making a cover image of 1920px wide x 1080px tall should cover all platforms if you have an image only cover picture with no text.


Instagram & Facebook 1080px wide x 1920px tall

Instagram square - 1080px x 1080px
Instagram vertical - 1080px wide x 1350px tall
Instagram horizontal - 1080px wide x 566px tall
Facebook image shares - 1200px wide x 630px tall
Facebook link preview - 1200px wide x 630px tall
Twitter - 1024px wide x 512px tall
Twitter link preview - 800px wide x 418px tall
Pinterest square - 600px x 600px
Pinterest standard - 600px wide x 900px tall
Pinterest tall - 600px wide x 1260px tall
Linkedin desktop - 1200px x 1200px
Linkedin mobile - 1200px wide x 628px tall

Designer hack: design with your ideal platform in mind.

Bonus Biz Design tip

Facebook page Our Story image: 1200px wide x 445px tall (only 800px wide x 445px tall) will show up on your profile “Our Story” window.

Link below to download a printer friendly cheat sheet, to have handy for social content creation.