Brand Consistency - 3 tips that will help you get there

This is a must read article for anyone who is planning to DIY their business creative.

Persistence is key >>> Consistency is KING

The key to consistent branding is exactly that, consistency. That means in your marketing efforts and how customers see and recognise your brand online or in person. Every touch point that your brand can be seen should look and feel the same.

A few quick facts:
Consistency makes your brand look more dependable.

Consistency makes your brand more recognisable

Consistency eliminate confusion.

How to make your business creative more consistent.

STEP 1 - Create a brand guide.

  • Have a place where all your brand items are kept, logos, fonts, colours etc.

  • Print it out and stick it on your wall. Refer to it whenever you are creating collateral for your business.

  • Don’t be lazy - make sure you use the right brand colours and fonts on all touch points.

Emilie WTF is a branding board? - Check out my Pinterest board for inspo.

STEP 2 - Identify your key touch points

  • Do a quick sweep of where your customers are the most likely to land when they first interact with your business

  • Make a list off all the items that should be branded eg - profile pictures, cover images, email signatures, business cards

STEP 3 - Moving forward

  • Small Business is all about progress, don’t be overwhelmed thinking it must happen now.

  • Set yourself daily goals to ensure all the items on your touch point list are on brand (do they have the same colours, font and style of images?)

  • For example this week try and make sure all your profile pictures are the same.

  • Create branded templates for easy use in the future.

  • The past is the past, if you are feeling overwhelmed just try and do the above for the next thing you create for your business.